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Alexis RAULT

Just like Renan Luce, Alexis Rault committed his first musical "packages" on the benches of a business school, in Brittany. It seems that this kind of establishment favours artistic vocations... Armed with his guitar and an efficient sense of humour, he composes a neat and harmonious folk music, very much influenced by the melodic power of a Bashung or a Souchon.

Discreet film debuts with Jean-Michel Ribes, thanks to Dominique Besnehard. He then plays a shameless, shameless, breathless lover in La Poderosa, a coveted woman and inaccessible muse proudly entrenched behind a haughty and nonchalant love. In Moleskine, he reveals the sweet nostalgia of a time when the revolution (political, social, cultural, sexual...) was a daily dream. Then it's a tender and cruel everyday life for Ma pauvre France, t...

Alexis Rault à Paris le 29 octobre 2009.
Photos © Tony Frank
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