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Bijou was a French power trio formed in the late '70s around Vincent Palmer (guitars), Philippe Dauga (bass), and Dynamite Yan (drums). Alongside the Dogs or Starshooter, Bijou was one of those bands playing for the sake of rock & roll, but not quite making the big time. The band played both 1976 and 1977's Mont-De Marsan's Punk Festival and released a couple of more or less successful LPs with their original lineup, including the 1978 classic OK Carole. Palmer went on to be a famous music critic, and the band went on without him in the '00s after a ten-year hiatus under the name Bijou SVP.


Le groupe Bijou à Paris le 30 mars 2011 (de g. à d. Philippe Dauga  Christophe Jardon et David Misti)
Photos © Tony Frank
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