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Stone et Charden is a famous French musical duo made up of Éric Charden (born in Hai Phong, Vietnam on 15 October 1942, died on 29 April 2012) and his then-wife Annie Gautrat known as Stone (born in Paris on 31 July 1947)

Éric Charden was born during World War II, to a French father and a Tibetan mother. In 1966, Annie Gautrat (Stone) was taking part in the "Miss Beatnik" competition where Éric Charden was a member of the jury. They were acquainted after the competition and got married the same year. Already having separate musical careers, they decided to form the duo known as Stone et Charden in 1971. They became hugely popular with "L'Avventura" in 1972 and with "Made in Normandie" in 1973. "L'Aventura" sold over one and a half million copies and was awarded a gold disc. Soon artistic, mediatic ...

Stone et Charden dans les années 1970.
Photos © Tony Frank
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