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Christopher ATKINS

Christopher Atkins is a famous American actor, screenwriter, and producer. He came into prominence in 1980, when he debuted with ‘The Blue Lagoon,’ starring opposite American actor and model Brooke Shields. His debut was a surprise to many of his close friends, as he was never interested in opting for a career in acting. He signed his first movie when he was persuaded to go for an audition by an agent. He started his career with high hopes and was chosen for the role of ‘Richard Lestrange’ in the film from a pool of around 2,000 participants. Though he is best known for his role in ‘The Blue Lagoon,’ he also made his mark as a prominent actor in a lot of films later. Two of his most popular films were ‘The Pirate Movie,’ released in 1982, and ‘A Night in Heaven,’ released in 1983.

Childhood & Early...

Christopher Atkins en séance photo au Jardin du Luxembourg le 24 septembre 1980.
Photos © Tony Frank
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