Émilie Jolie is a French children's musical by Philippe Chatel and arranged by Jean-Louis Bucchi. It later became a film involving Georges Brassens, Henri Salvador, Julien Clerc, Alain Souchon, Laurent Voulzy, Louis Chedid, Françoise Hardy and Eddy Mitchell in the first rendition and Johnny Hallyday, Alain Bashung, Jacques Dutronc, Maurane, Florent Pagny, Axelle Red and Etienne Daho.
The musical has had two adaptations: a 1980 live-action TV movie and a 2011 animated adaptation.
Philip Chatel's "comédie musicale" Émilie Jolie returned in its third rendition in Paris (and later in several French towns) from October 20, 2017, to April 22, 2018, with artists such as Gloria - The Voice Kids & Kids United and Johanna Serrano.

source: wikipedia.org

Représentation de la comédie musicale "Emilie Jolie" au théâtre Mogador le 23 décembre 2002.
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