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Emmylou HARRIS

Blessed with a crystalline voice, a remarkable gift for phrasing, and a restless creative spirit, few artists had as profound an impact on contemporary music as Emmylou Harris. She traveled a singular artistic path, proudly carrying the torch of "cosmic American music" passed down by her mentor, Gram Parsons, which made a profound mark on both country and rock. Beginning as a folk singer in New York City, Harris released her first album in 1970, only to see it disappear with the bankruptcy of her record label. But a year later, she was playing a folk club in Washington D.C. when Chris Hillman saw her perform, and he recommended her to his former bandmate Gram Parsons. Harris would contribute superb vocals to Parsons' solo albums, 1972's G.P. and 1974's Grievous Angel, and he would be her guide in co...

Emmylou Harris lors de l'émission de télévision "Avec" de Marie-France Brière le 20 septembre 1978.
Photos © Tony Frank
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