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Film Carmen

From: Carlos Saura
By: Carlos Saura, Antonio Gades
With: Antonio Gades, Laura del Sol, Paco de Lucía

Antonio, a Spanish choreographer, is to stage a ballet to the music of "Carmen", the famous opera by Bizet. He lacks an interpreter for the main role. After much research, he finally discovers the rare bird who, with luck, really is called Carmen. Antonio gets excited and summons her for a successful essay. Her choice provokes tensions, and in particular the jealousy of Cristina, considered as the best dancer of the troop. Gradually, the rehearsals intensify as a love story takes shape between Carmen and Antonio, completely bewitched by the young woman.

Julia Migenes et Placido Domingo sur le tournage du film "Carmen" de Francesco Rosi en juin 1983.
Photos © Tony Frank
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