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Film Une chambre en ville

From: Jacques Demy
By: Jacques Demy
With: Dominique Sanda, Richard Berry, Michel Piccoli

The story of a passion. Nantes, 1955. The shipyards are on strike. François Guilbaud, a metallurgist engaged to Violette, meets Edith. A passion is born between them but he does not know that she is the daughter of La Colonelle with whom he rents "a room in town". As for Edith, she has a jealous husband, Edmond. Edith and François, overwhelmed by passion, realize that they are nothing without the other. The strike for the workers' right to work is hardening and gaining momentum: a wall of helmets, shields and batons stands.

Richard Berry et Fabienne Guyon lors du tournage de film "Une chambre en ville" à Nantes le 9 mai 1982.
Photos © Tony Frank
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