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Laurent VOULZY

Despite a slim recorded output -- roughly one LP per decade on average -- Laurent Voulzy emerged as one of the most successful and acclaimed composers in contemporary French pop; often working in tandem with longtime collaborator Alain Souchon, his obsessive attention to studio detail was instrumental in shaping the sophisticated melodies and rich arrangements that are the signatures of his work. Born in Paris on December 18, 1945, Voulzy spent much of his childhood in Nogent-sur-Marne, as a child befriending fellow music devotee Christian Vander, later the frontman of the French prog rock group Magma. Voulzy formed his first band at 14, quickly abandoning the drums in favor of guitar.
Beatlemania exerted a profound influence on his musical development, and a 1965 vacation to England proved little m...

Laurent Voulzy en 1993.
Photos © Tony Frank
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