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The daughter of a secretary and a truck driver, Line Renaud is quickly attracted to music. She signed up for auditions at the Lille Conservatoire classique and began a singing career, performing the repertoire of her idol Loulou Gasté on the local airwaves.
In 1945, at the age of 16, she landed a job at a major Paris music hall, Les Folies Belleville, where she met Gasté, who saw in her the makings of a great singer. Under the beneficial influence of the composer, who would later become her husband, she made her national debut on Radio Luxembourg and signed a contract with a record company. Success was immediate, and led her on triumphant tours around the world.
Titles such as Etoile des neiges and Petite Folie, combined with her appearance at the legendary ABC music hall, opened other doors for her...

Line Renaud en septembre 1991.
Photos © Tony Frank
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