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Marie-Sophie L

After making her theatre debut in 1984, the following year she played her first film role in Claude Lelouch's Partir, revenir, of which she became the wife. She then took the name Marie-Sophie L., the initial corresponding to "Lelouch". Marie-Sophie L. then appeared in all of Claude Lelouch's films from 1986 to 1993. In particular, she played the daughter of the character played by Jean-Paul Belmondo in Itinerary of a Spoiled Child. Her last film with Lelouch is Tout ça... pour ça !, shot to coincide with their separation. From 1994, she also appears on television. After her break-up with Claude Lelouch, she put her acting career on hold for a few years, then started shooting again in 2001. After having used the name "Marie-Sophie L." for a while, she started to act again in 2001. Berthier" for a wh...

Marie Sophie L. le 11 avril 1987.
Photos © Tony Frank
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