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Pierre Desproges was, alongside Coluche and Thierry Le Luron, one of France's favorite humorists in the 1980s. Gifted with a sharp sense of humor, an incredible capacity for prose, and a good culture, he started his career in the press, becoming a journalist for L'Aurore, where his increasingly acidic posts almost got him fired. Soon, with friends Daniel Prévost and Jacques Martin in the influential and provocative Sunday TV show Le Petit Rapporteur, he made TV history with some memorable footage. Yet again, Desproges' jokes earned him more and more censorship, so he decided to go back to L'Aurore and started writing texts for radio airings in Thierry Le Luron's weekly Des Prasites sur l'Antenne in 1978 and 1979, and later on for his character in Le Tribunal des Flagrants Délires from 1980 to 1983, ...

Pierre Desproges lors du gala donné au Zénith au profit d'Amnesty International contre la torture le 18 mai 1984.
Photos © Tony Frank
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