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Chance sometimes makes a lot of things, because nothing left to predict that Richard ANCONINA would become one of the stars of the French cinema. He had nothing of the young first, as could be in his time Jean-Paul BELMONDO, and the hard learning of life, he did it not in the rooms of the conservatories, but on the asphalt. It is precisely these thousand and one little"jobs"that were his daily lot before the film, which allowed him to forge a personality, natural and endearing, in front of the camera.
A personality that also corresponded to the public taste of the early eighties, which seemed particularly (although temporarily) to attach to the"loosers". Thanks to Philippe CLAIR, who hires him for Les Réformés (1978), then for How to be reformed (1978), Richard ANCONINA will climb four to four the s...

Richard Anconina en studio le 4 mars 1985.
Photos © Tony Frank
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