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Alain Souchon, has long had his place alongside the great names of French music. The soft sadness which permeates his songs gives coherence to a discography which began with the album "J'ai dix ans" in 1974, which continued with "Bidon" in 1976, then "Jamais content" and "Toto 30 ans, rien que du malheur" in 1978.
Souchon's fruitful artistic and musical collaboration with the composer Laurent Voulzy provided a complex and catchy musical basis for his lyrics.
Alain Souchon's hit singles such as "Allô Maman Bobo" returned to the forefront of the French music scene in 1993 with "C'est déjà ça", selling over a million copies and winning two "Victoires de la musique" awards.
Working alongside other French music stars such as Les Enfoirés and Sol en si, Alain Souchon highlighted his attachment to social problems and released...

Photos © Tony Frank
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