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Daughter of the senior official Pierre Consigny, Anne Consigny very early on wanted to become an actress. At only 9 years old, she took to the boards in the Fourth day of the Soulier de satin ridden by Jean-Louis Barrault. She soon played with Peter Brook and joined the Comédie-Française the year of her majority. After a first appearance on the screen in 1981 in Rêve après rêve directed by the couturier Kenzo (unpublished in France), she found Claudel on the screen in 1984 for Le Soulier de satin, adapted this time by Manoel de Oliveira.

After this beautiful experience, the actress does not however receive other proposals in the cinema. She landed a few roles in the theater but approaching her thirties, considered giving up her career, and resumed her law studies.

Anne Consigny finds the film sets at the beginning of...

Photos © Tony Frank
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