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Charlotte LEWIS

Charlotte Lewis (born 7 August 1967) is an English actress.
Lewis made her film debut as a teenager in the 1986 Roman Polanski film Pirates. She followed it that same year with the female lead in The Golden Child alongside Eddie Murphy. Later appearances include the film Tripwire (1990) and Storyville (1992, opposite James Spader). She had a co-starring role in Men of War (1995, alongside Dolph Lundgren) and in the 1995 film Decoy. Lewis appeared in the 2003 film Hey DJ.
Lewis also appeared in a cover-featured pictorial in the July 1993 issue of Playboy magazine.
Lewis acted in the 2019 film Lost Angelas playing Angie Malone, one of the title roles.


Charlotte LEWIS
Photos © Tony Frank
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