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Francesco Barracato, better known as Frédéric François, was born in Lercara Friddi, Sicily, on 3 June 1950. His family left Sicily two years later to settle in Liège (Belgium). His father, a miner, played the great Italian classics on Sundays with his family; he passed on his passion for music to Frédéric François from an early age.
It is in 1969 that he recorded his first disc under the name of Frédéric François. In 1971, his first big hit, "Je n'ai jamais aimé comme je t'aime", is ranked 13 weeks No. 1 in the charts. In 1972, with "Je voudrais dormir près de toi", he was voted revelation of the year.
In a career spanning 32 years, he collected hits in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and most French-speaking countries: "Laisse-moi vivre ma vie", "Chicago", "Quand vient le soir, on se retrouve", "Viens te perd dan...

Photos © Tony Frank
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