Jacques MARTIN

Martin was born in Lyon, Rhône. In the late 1960s he formed a comical duet of hosts on radio Europe 1 with French actor Jean Yanne.
In the early 1970s, he was the sidekick of Danièle Gilbert, the host of Midi Première. Martin created and hosted such popular satirical TV shows such as Le Petit Rapporteur ("The Little Snitch, 1975 - 1976, TF1) and La Lorgnette ("The Opera Glasses", 1976 - 1977, Antenne 2). He also tried a film career, writing and directing one film (Na !, 1973) and playing in others such as La Passante du Sans-Souci, without great success.
An operetta fan, he enjoyed presenting TV shows mixing popular and classical music, such as Musique and music, which he prepared with the help of French composer Pierre Porte, invariably singing a few operetta arias himself during the show.
He was a great discoverer of...

Jacques MARTIN
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