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Mireille MATHIEU

Mireille Mathieu , born on July 22nd 1946 in Avignon, Vaucluse, is a French variety singer.

Mireille Mathieu, who comes from a modest background, began her career in 1965 and scored her first big hit in 1966 with Mon credo. Shaping a repertoire of some 1,200 songs, performed in many languages, she became a major figure in French chanson on an international scale.

Some of the best-known songs in her repertoire include La Dernière Valse, La Paloma adieu, Paris en colère, Une histoire d'amour, Pardonne-moi ce caprice d'enfant, Bravo tu as gagné, Acropolis Adieu, Mille colombes, Santa Maria de la Mer and Une femme amoureuse.


Mireille MATHIEU
Photos © Tony Frank
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